Insider Tips: How Can I Improve My iPhone 7 Today?

Are you looking to enhance your iPhone 7 experience and optimize its performance? Look no further! In this article, I’ll share some insider tips and hidden features that will help you unlock the true potential of your iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are powerful devices packed with innovative features. By understanding and utilizing these tips, you can take your iPhone 7 usage to the next level. From improving performance to capturing stunning photos, let’s explore the ways you can enhance your iPhone 7 today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover hidden features and tricks to optimize your iPhone 7 experience.
  • Force restart your iPhone 7 to resolve software glitches and improve performance.
  • Customize the home button’s feel to make it more like a physical button.
  • Enable the Raise to Wake feature for quicker access to notifications.
  • Take advantage of the water resistance feature on your iPhone 7.

How to Force a Restart on iPhone 7

When it comes to improving the performance of your iPhone 7, one effective method is to force a restart. This can help resolve any software glitches and give your device a fresh start. To force a restart on the iPhone 7, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Press and hold down the power button located on the right side of your iPhone 7.
  2. At the same time, press and hold down the volume button on the left side of your device.
  3. Continue holding both buttons until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

Once the Apple logo appears, you can release both buttons. Your iPhone 7 will then restart, and you should notice an improvement in its overall performance.

Why force a restart?

By force restarting your iPhone 7, you can clear out any temporary software issues that may be causing performance problems. It’s a simple yet effective way to give your device a quick boost and ensure it’s running at its best.

Remember, this method should only be used when your iPhone 7 is unresponsive or experiencing software-related issues. For general performance improvements, make sure to keep your device updated with the latest iOS version, clear out unnecessary data and apps, and optimize your device’s settings.

Benefits of Force Restarting Drawbacks of Force Restarting
  • Resolves software glitches
  • Improves overall performance
  • Quick and easy to do
  • Potentially lose unsaved data
  • Does not fix hardware issues
  • Should only be used when necessary

Remember, force restarting your iPhone 7 should be a last resort when you encounter software-related issues. If you’re facing persistent performance problems, it may be worth seeking professional help or contacting Apple support for further assistance.

Customizing the Home Button’s Feel on iPhone 7

One of the unique features of the iPhone 7 is its customizable home button. By adjusting the haptic feedback, you can make the home button feel more like a physical button. This can enhance your overall iPhone 7 experience and make navigation more intuitive.

Adjusting the Haptic Feedback

To customize the haptic feedback of the home button, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone 7.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “General”.
  3. Tap on “Home Button” to access the customization options.
  4. You will see three different options for “Click”, “Slow”, and “Default”.
  5. Tap on each option to feel the different levels of haptic feedback and choose the one that feels most comfortable to you.

Once you’ve made your selection, the home button will respond with the chosen haptic feedback whenever you press it. This customization allows you to personalize the feel of your iPhone 7’s Home button to match your preferences and usage style.

“I love being able to adjust the haptic feedback of the home button on my iPhone 7. It’s a small but significant customization that makes the overall experience so much better!” – Michelle, iPhone 7 user


Customizing the home button’s feel on your iPhone 7 is a simple yet effective way to enhance your device’s performance. By adjusting the haptic feedback to your preference, you can make the home button feel more natural and responsive. Explore the customization options and find the perfect setting that suits your needs. Enjoy a more personalized and intuitive iPhone 7 experience!

Click Slow Default
Creates a stronger haptic feedback sensation Delivers a slower and more subtle vibration Provides a balanced haptic feedback experience

Tips to Optimize Your iPhone 7: Wake Up Your iPhone Instantly with Raise to Wake

Looking for a quick and convenient way to access your iPhone 7 without unlocking it? With the Raise to Wake feature, you can wake up your device simply by picking it up. This can save you valuable time and make it easier to stay on top of your notifications. Let’s take a closer look at how you can enable and use this handy feature.

To enable Raise to Wake on your iPhone 7, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone 7.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness.”
  3. Toggle the “Raise to Wake” switch to the on position.

Once you have enabled Raise to Wake, your iPhone 7 will automatically light up when you raise it to a vertical position. This allows you to easily view any incoming notifications without having to unlock your device. It’s a great feature for quickly checking the time, weather updates, or any new messages or emails.

However, if you prefer not to use this feature, you can always disable Raise to Wake by following the same steps and toggling the switch to the off position. It’s all about personal preference and finding what works best for you!

So, whether you’re looking to save time or make accessing your notifications more convenient, Raise to Wake is a feature that can enhance your iPhone 7 experience. Give it a try and see how it can optimize your day-to-day interactions with your device.


In this section, we explored the Raise to Wake feature on the iPhone 7, which allows you to wake up your device by simply picking it up. By enabling this feature in your settings, you can quickly view your notifications without having to unlock your phone. Whether you want to stay on top of important alerts or just check the time with ease, Raise to Wake is a handy tool to have at your fingertips.

Pros Cons
Quickly access notifications May drain battery slightly faster
Avoid the hassle of unlocking your phone May accidentally wake up device when not intended

Overall, Raise to Wake is a convenient feature that can save you time and streamline your iPhone 7 experience. Whether you choose to use this feature or not, it’s always helpful to know about the various options available to optimize your device.

Take Advantage of Water Resistance on iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is designed with water and splash resistance, allowing users to enjoy peace of mind even if their device accidentally comes into contact with liquids. While it is not recommended to intentionally submerge the phone, it can withstand exposure to shallow water without sustaining any significant damage. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where your device may be exposed to water, such as using it by the pool or in the rain.

When your iPhone 7 does get wet, it’s important to take a few precautions. First, avoid charging the device until it is completely dry, as moisture can damage the charging port and potentially lead to malfunctions. Additionally, make sure to dry the phone thoroughly before using it again to prevent any potential issues.

It’s worth noting that water resistance is not a permanent feature and may diminish over time due to wear and tear or accidental damage. Therefore, if your iPhone 7 has been exposed to water, it’s essential to assess its performance and functionality to ensure everything is working properly.

Water Resistance Ratings

To provide a better understanding of water resistance, let’s take a look at the corresponding ingress protection (IP) ratings. These ratings indicate the device’s ability to withstand the intrusion of different elements, including water and dust. The iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating, which means it is capable of withstanding immersion in up to 1 meter (approximately 3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes.

IP Rating Protection Level
IPX0 No protection against water
IPX1 Protection against vertically falling drops of water
IPX2 Protection against vertically falling drops of water when the device is tilted up to 15 degrees
IPX3 Protection against sprays of water up to 60 degrees from the vertical
IPX4 Protection against splashes of water from any direction
IPX5 Protection against water jets projected by a nozzle from any direction
IPX6 Protection against powerful water jets or heavy seas
IPX7 Protection against immersion in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes
IPX8 Protection against continuous immersion in water under conditions specified by the manufacturer
IPX9K Protection against close-range high-pressure, high-temperature water jets

By taking advantage of the water resistance feature on your iPhone 7, you can confidently use your device in various environments without worrying about potential water damage. Remember to exercise caution, avoid intentionally submerging your phone, and follow the recommended guidelines to ensure its longevity.

Capture Stunning Photos with iPhone 7 Camera

When it comes to taking remarkable photos, the iPhone 7 camera is a game-changer. With a 12MP sensor, optical image stabilization, and improved low-light performance, this device offers incredible capabilities for photography enthusiasts. Whether you’re capturing landscapes, portraits, or action shots, there are a few key features and techniques that can help you maximize the potential of your iPhone 7 camera.

Firstly, take advantage of the camera app shortcuts on the lock screen for quick access to the camera. This allows you to capture spontaneous moments without having to unlock your phone and search for the camera app. Simply swipe left on the lock screen, tap the camera icon, and you’re ready to go.

Using the rule of thirds can also enhance the composition of your photos. This technique involves dividing the image into nine equal parts with two horizontal and two vertical lines. By aligning key elements along these lines or at their intersections, you can create a visually pleasing and balanced composition.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different perspectives and angles. Get down low or try shooting from a higher vantage point to add depth and unique perspectives to your photos. Explore different lighting conditions, utilize natural light whenever possible, and experiment with different exposure settings to achieve the desired mood and atmosphere in your photographs.

maximizing iPhone 7 capabilities

Table: iPhone 7 Camera Features

Feature Description
12MP Sensor A high-resolution sensor that captures detailed images.
Optical Image Stabilization Reduces blur caused by camera shake, resulting in sharper photos.
Enhanced Low-Light Performance Improved ability to capture well-exposed photos in low-light conditions.
Improved Flash Capabilities Produce balanced and natural-looking flash photos with improved flash technology.

With these tips and the exceptional features of the iPhone 7 camera, you can unlock your creative potential and capture stunning photos that will impress your friends and family. Remember to explore the camera settings, experiment with different techniques, and let your artistic vision guide you.

Enhance Selfies and Live Photos on iPhone 7

When it comes to capturing memorable moments, the iPhone 7 offers some tricks that can take your selfies and Live Photos to the next level. With upgraded front camera capabilities and improved Live Photos features, you can create stunning and personalized photos and videos.

Upgrade Your Selfie Game

With the iPhone 7’s upgraded 7MP front camera, you can capture high-quality selfies and enjoy crystal-clear FaceTime calls. The improved sensor and advanced image processing technology ensure that your self-portraits are vibrant and detailed, even in low-light situations. So go ahead and show off your best angles, knowing that your selfies will turn out better than ever.

Enhance Your Live Photos

The Live Photos feature on the iPhone 7 has been enhanced with improved stabilization and new editing tools. Now, your Live Photos will be even more smooth and steady, capturing the perfect moments with minimal blur. Additionally, you can make your Live Photos more dynamic by adding effects and adjusting the playback speed. With these editing options, you can truly bring your Live Photos to life and showcase your creativity.

So whether you’re taking a selfie or capturing a Live Photo, make the most of your iPhone 7’s features. Embrace the upgraded front camera and explore the new editing options for Live Photos. With these tricks, you can enhance your iPhone 7 experience and create memorable moments that truly stand out.

Benefits Tips
Improved front camera – Experiment with different angles and lighting to find your best selfie.
Enhanced Live Photos – Use the new editing tools to add effects and adjust playback speed.
Clear and vibrant images – Take advantage of the advanced image processing technology for crisp selfies.

Optimize Video Recording with iPhone 7

One of the impressive features of the iPhone 7 is its ability to record videos in stunning 4K resolution. However, it’s important to note that 4K videos can consume a significant amount of storage space on your device. To optimize video recording on your iPhone 7 and strike a balance between video quality and storage usage, you can adjust the video resolution settings in the Camera app.

To do this, open the Camera app and tap on the “Settings” icon, represented by a gear-shaped icon, located in the top right corner of the screen. In the “Camera Settings” menu, you’ll find different video recording options, including the ability to change the resolution. Tap on “Video Resolution” and choose the desired resolution that suits your needs. Selecting a lower resolution, such as 1080p or 720p, will result in smaller file sizes.

Keep in mind that lowering the video resolution may affect the overall video quality, so it’s recommended to experiment and find the right balance for your specific requirements. Additionally, if you’re planning to record longer videos or capture multiple videos, consider having sufficient available storage on your device or using cloud storage options to save and manage your videos effectively.

Table: iPhone 7 Video Resolution Options

Resolution Storage Space (Approx.) Video Quality
4K Approximately 375 MB per minute Ultra-High-Definition
1080p Approximately 200 MB per minute High-Definition
720p Approximately 130 MB per minute Standard-Definition

By choosing the appropriate video resolution and managing your storage effectively, you can optimize video recording on your iPhone 7, ensuring you capture memorable moments without compromising on video quality or running out of storage space.

Advanced Camera Techniques on iPhone 7 Plus

As a proud owner of the iPhone 7 Plus, I have discovered some advanced camera techniques that allow me to take stunning photos and explore the full capabilities of this amazing device. With its dual lenses, I can now capture professional-looking photos with optical zoom and depth-of-field effects in Portrait mode. Let me share with you some tips and tricks to enhance your photography skills on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Portrait Mode: Achieve a Blurred Background

The Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus is perfect for creating beautiful portraits with a blurred background, also known as the bokeh effect. To achieve this effect, simply select the Portrait mode option in the camera app. Ensure that your subject is within the recommended distance and that there is sufficient lighting. The iPhone 7 Plus will automatically blur the background, creating a professional look that previously required expensive cameras and lenses.

Optical Zoom: Get Closer to Your Subject

The dual lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus allow for optical zoom, which provides a closer view of your subject without compromising image quality. To access the optical zoom, open the camera app and pinch outwards on the screen to zoom in. This feature is particularly useful when capturing details or when your subject is at a distance. Experiment with different zoom levels to find the perfect composition for your photos.

Advanced Camera Techniques

Smart HDR: Enhance Dynamic Range

The iPhone 7 Plus utilizes Smart HDR technology to capture photos with enhanced dynamic range, resulting in more balanced exposures and vibrant colors. This feature is especially useful in high-contrast situations, such as landscapes with bright skies and dark foregrounds. To enable Smart HDR, go to the camera settings and ensure that the Smart HDR option is turned on. With Smart HDR, your photos will have a greater level of detail and depth, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Advantages of Advanced Camera Techniques on iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom Portrait Mode Smart HDR
Enhances zoom capability and allows you to get closer to your subject Captures professional-looking portraits with a blurred background Enhances dynamic range and produces well-balanced exposures
Enables detailed compositions and the ability to capture distant subjects Creates a depth-of-field effect that mimics DSLR cameras Produces vibrant colors and preserves details in challenging lighting conditions

“The advanced camera techniques on the iPhone 7 Plus have revolutionized mobile photography. With its dual lenses and advanced features like Portrait mode and optical zoom, I am able to capture stunning photos without the need for expensive equipment. The Smart HDR technology further enhances the quality of my photos, making them look more vibrant and dynamic. The iPhone 7 Plus truly offers a professional-level camera experience in the palm of my hand.” – iPhone 7 Plus user

With these advanced camera techniques, you can take your iPhone 7 Plus photography to the next level. Experiment with different settings, compositions, and lighting conditions to discover your own unique style. The iPhone 7 Plus offers a world of possibilities for capturing amazing moments and creating memorable photos.

iOS 10 Features and Hidden Tips for iPhone 7

As an iPhone 7 user, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my device’s speed and enhance my overall experience. With the release of iOS 10, Apple introduced several new features that can take the performance of your iPhone 7 to the next level. Let’s explore some of these hidden gems and discover how they can make a difference in your day-to-day usage.

Customizable Widgets

iOS 10 brought a new level of customization to the iPhone 7’s Home screen with interactive widgets. To access these widgets, simply swipe right from your Home screen or lock screen. From here, you can add, remove, and rearrange widgets from compatible apps to have quick access to the information you need most. Whether it’s checking the weather, viewing your calendar appointments, or scanning your news feed, these widgets allow you to personalize your iPhone 7 and get the most out of your apps.

The Magnifier Tool

If you find yourself struggling to read small text or need to zoom in on a specific object, iOS 10 has got you covered. The Magnifier tool turns your iPhone 7 into a powerful magnifying glass with just a few taps. To enable it, go to Settings, then Accessibility, and select Magnifier. Once activated, you can use the Magnifier by triple-clicking the Home button or by adding it to your Control Center for easy access. Say goodbye to squinting and hello to enhanced readability!

Additionally, iOS 10 introduced a range of 3D Touch enhancements that allow for quick actions and shortcuts throughout the system. By pressing firmly on app icons, notifications, or links, you can access context-sensitive menus that provide you with convenient options and save you valuable time. From replying to messages without opening the app to previewing links and documents, 3D Touch brings a new layer of efficiency to your iPhone 7 experience.

Managing iCloud Storage

  • Open Settings and tap on your name at the top.
  • Select iCloud and then tap on Manage Storage.
  • Here, you can review your storage usage and optimize it by deleting unnecessary backups, removing unused apps from iCloud, or upgrading to a higher storage tier if needed.

Updating Outdated Apps

  1. Open the App Store and tap on the Updates tab at the bottom.
  2. Here, you’ll see a list of available updates for your installed apps.
  3. To update individual apps, tap on Update next to the app’s name. Alternatively, you can tap on Update All at the top-right corner to update all the apps simultaneously.

Adjusting Display Settings

Did you know that adjusting your display settings can have a significant impact on your iPhone 7’s performance? By reducing display animations and motion effects, you can minimize the strain on your device’s resources and improve its speed. To do this, go to Settings, then General, Accessibility, and select Reduce Motion. Additionally, enabling the Reduce Transparency option in the Accessibility settings can further enhance your iPhone 7’s performance by reducing the visual effects applied to the user interface.

By diving into the iOS 10 features and hidden tips mentioned above, you can supercharge your iPhone 7 and elevate your overall experience. From customizable widgets to the Magnifier tool and the power of 3D Touch, these features will help you unlock the true potential of your device. Don’t forget to manage your iCloud storage, keep your apps up to date, and optimize your display settings for optimal performance. Get ready to take your iPhone 7 to the next level!


As I conclude, I want to highlight the various ways you can enhance the features and performance of your iPhone 7. By implementing the insider tips and tricks discussed in this article, you can truly elevate your iPhone 7 experience.

From optimizing the camera capabilities to customizing the home button’s feel, there are numerous ways to make the most out of your device. Don’t forget to take advantage of the water resistance feature and capture stunning photos with the enhanced camera.

Exploring the hidden features of iOS 10 and utilizing advanced camera techniques on the iPhone 7 Plus can also greatly enhance your device’s functionality. Additionally, pay attention to settings such as video resolution, raise to wake, and haptic feedback to further optimize your iPhone 7 experience.

By embracing these tips and tricks, you can unleash the full potential of your iPhone 7 and enjoy a seamless and enhanced user experience. So go ahead and try out these optimizations to truly make the most of your device!


How can I force a restart on my iPhone 7?

To force a restart on the iPhone 7, hold down the power button on the right side and the volume button on the left side simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

How do I customize the home button’s feel on my iPhone 7?

To customize the haptic feedback of the iPhone 7’s home button, go to Settings, General, and then Home Button to adjust the intensity of the vibration to your preference.

How can I wake up my iPhone instantly with Raise to Wake?

To enable or disable the Raise to Wake feature on your iPhone 7, go to Settings, Display & Brightness, and toggle the Raise to Wake setting.

Is the iPhone 7 water resistant?

Yes, the iPhone 7 is water and splash resistant. While it is not recommended to intentionally submerge the phone, it can survive accidental exposure to shallow water. Avoid charging your phone after it gets wet and allow it to fully dry before use.

What are the camera features on the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7’s camera features a 12MP sensor with optical image stabilization, enhanced low-light performance, and improved flash capabilities. Use the camera app shortcuts on the lock screen for quick access to the camera.

How can I enhance selfies and Live Photos on my iPhone 7?

The front camera on the iPhone 7 has been upgraded to 7MP, allowing for better quality selfies and FaceTime calls. Live Photos have also been improved with enhanced stabilization and new editing tools.

Can I record 4K videos on my iPhone 7?

Yes, the iPhone 7 supports 4K video recording. Adjust the video resolution in the Camera settings based on your preferences and available storage.

What are the advanced camera techniques on the iPhone 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7 Plus offers dual lenses, enabling optical zoom and depth-of-field effects in Portrait mode. Explore the different camera modes and experiment with new compositions.

What are some hidden tips for iPhone 7 with iOS 10?

Explore the latest iOS 10 features to enhance your iPhone 7’s functionality. These include customizable widgets, the Magnifier tool for zooming, and the use of 3D Touch for quick actions. Additionally, manage your iCloud storage, update outdated apps, and adjust display settings for optimal usage.

How can I improve my iPhone 7 experience?

By implementing these insider tips and tricks, you can elevate your iPhone 7 experience and maximize its capabilities. From improving performance to capturing stunning photos, these optimizations will help you get the most out of your device. Embrace the hidden features and unlock the true potential of your iPhone 7.

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